Charity Rides – Motorcycle or Riding clubs worldwide are offering to all interested people the opportunity to socialize …

Charity Rides
Charity Rides

…but also give them the opportunity to raise money for all kinds of charities. Members of motorcycle or riding clubs are often recreational riders who want to contribute to needy causes. Whether clubs participate in annual fundraisers or drive once for a specific cause, many riders bring in both – time and money.

Almost anyone who rides a motorcycle has ever taken part in a charity ride or poker run to raise money for a worthwhile organization or meritorious family or person.

We’re doing the same thing here on Bonaire. There are many projects to support – even on a small island. Help us to raise some money to support projects that need every single coin they can get. We support a variety of projects, such as projects for people with disabilities, any type of educational project where we see a logical sense, and the animal shelter on Bonaire. We do not support religious and political events and / or organizations, travel and festivals, as well as private individuals.

Posada Para Mira
At the Clubouse

Charity rides are held every Sunday if participants register. If you own your own motorcycle, we ask you for a fee of 10 USD (which will be donated completely). If you do not have your own bike and need to rent one, we charge USD 60 (inc. fuel). We also ask USD 10 as a donation. We gather at 1 pm at the clubhouse and make our way up north or south. If you need to rent a bike, please be at Scuba Bikers at 12.30 pm sharp. If you will need to rent a bike for the charity ride, please have a look at our fleet. (Click for having a lookt at our rental fleet).

If you want to register, please sent us an eMail (or just click here).

Charity rides (own bike): Participation fee USD 10 will be donated
Charity rides (rental bike): USD 60 (inc. fuel) plus USD 10 as donation

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